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Stylish Water Powered Kitchen LED Faucet Light

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Item Code: glj10109
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Stylish Water Powered Kitchen LED Faucet Light

Light Type:Faucet Light

Power Source:Water

Light Color:Colorful



Connector Diameter (mm):24

Dimension (cm):3.5 x 2.5 x 2.5

Net Weight (kg):0.0188

Easy Installation.
Works under water pressure, no battery needed.
Three colors available: Blue LED, 7-Color LED, Heat sensor LED.

Heat Sensor LED: Prevents you from scalding.
Between 0-31℃, the light is Green.
Between 32-43℃, the light is Blue.
Between 44-50℃, the light will emit Red.
Above 51℃, the light will emit Flickering Red.
7-Color LED: The LEDs are continuously changing in 7 different colors.