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Seaweed Nori Punch Decorating Tool

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Item Code: grzxy69900216
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3 deluxe designs of seaweed punchers Top of the Line Nori Punchers Made of strong Long Lasting Zinc Nori Cutter Creates Over 25 Different Combination Of Faces Supper Cute Face Set To Make Cute Rice Balls Cuts Roosted Seaweed Into Cute Face Shapes

Creating fun faces on Nori, Rice balls have never been so fun and simple to do. The Nori puncher set is made of the heist grade material in the industry. This nori cutter set includes 3 deluxe designs of seaweed punchers. You can now cut your Nori or seaweed to be a happy smile face to show how wonderful and cute your creation is. The Nori puncher kit makes a great tool to enhance Sushi, Onigiri and rice Balls Puncher sets can be used with most sugar sheets to enhance your desert designs to have a cute face. Tips: - Mix and design your own custom face by using toothpick to arrange your shapes. - Place the shapes on a flat surface then roll rice over seaweed to have shapes stick into desired possession Size: 2.15 inch long x 1.65 inch wide (Each puncher size) Eye size (after punched) about 0.35 inch wide (creates bigger eyes if compared to other more economical nori puncher) This Set is the TOP OF THE LINE nori puncher kit on today's market.